Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

What it says on the tin: Magnetic bracelets.

Ceramic Bracelet?!

Posted by Ab Cdef on November 29, 2013

Ceramic Bracelet?!

Yes, ceramic.
This bracelet has got an elegant and unique look thanks to the special material.
Do you have anything like that?

The meeting of fashion and magnetic therapy.

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Save time – get the right sized bracelet

Posted by Ab Cdef on November 21, 2013

Save time – get the right sized bracelet

You can buy bracelets in different sizes – which is good. But what size do you actually need?

Simply measure your wrist (over the wristbone) with any flexible string – strip of paper. You can mark it where it overlaps and after just lay it flat and measure with a ruler. Add 1-2 cm – depending how loose you like your bracelets – and the result is the perfect size!

What if, you still did not order a fitting one? No worries, you only wasted some of your time no more. Resize is completely FREE at Northern Polarity. Read more about the resize and exchange policy here…

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Ornamental Copper Bangle

Posted by Ab Cdef on November 3, 2013

Ornamental Copper Bangle

Wide copper bangle decorated with fine ornamental motives.

Besides the advantages of 6 magnets (3,000 gauss each) it also carryes the postiive effect of copper on human body.

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Sparkling and classy

Posted by Ab Cdef on October 31, 2013


High quality titanium bracelet
with original Swarovski Elements!

The perfect combination of magnetic therapy and fashion.
Available in various colours at Northern Polarity.

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Magnetic Therapy and its side effects

Posted by Ab Cdef on October 24, 2013

When you are about to try a new kind of a therapy, it is always important to clear the possible problems it might cause besides the good effects.
The good news is, that magnetic therapy basically have non. There are no known side effects at all. Therefore there is no limitation for how long you can wear or use magnetic therapy products. The same is true about age limit.
It is non addictive.

What can though mean some problem? Magnetic Therapy products are advised not to use for people with pacemaker on insulin pump or animals with chip. Magnetism might cause some dysfunction in those devices.

Just, to be very careful, we would recommend for pregnant woman not to use magnetic therapy. Though, there are no known cases for any negative effects it is better to be extremely careful in this case.

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Bracelets made of Titanium

Posted by Ab Cdef on October 17, 2013

Choosing the metal used in your braceet is not only a choice of the look. Different kind of materials have different benefits too.

Titanium is one of the lightest metal used in magnetic therapy bracelets. In everyday usage it is important that the weight of your jewelry does not cause discomfort. (If it does, you will stop wearing it frequently which destroyes the whole meaning of magnetic therapy bracelets)

Great choice for people with sensitive skin thanks to the good compatibility of Titanium with human body.

Titanium is highly resistant against:

  • electricity
  • heat and magnets
  • corrosive attacks by saltwater

You can find a wide range of Titanium bracelets with various designes HERE.

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New member of Magnetic Jewelry family

Posted by Ab Cdef on October 11, 2013

Magnetic Therapy anklets are one of the least known magnetic jewelry. They have the same effects as a bracelet and can bring some variety into your jewelries!
WHat do you think? Would you wear it?


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Resources about Magnetic Therapy

Posted by Ab Cdef on October 3, 2013

Resources about Magnetic Therapy

Would you like to know more about Magnetic Therapy?
Find a great collection of articles and studies here!

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The Times reporting about magnetic bracelets and the NHS

Posted by onemore123 on October 11, 2010

It is reported in the Times That “NHS accountants are so impressed by the cost-effectiveness of a “magnetic leg wrap”… that from Wednesday doctors will be allowed to prescribe it to patients.”

This new and exting developement was welcome by Union, thogh the union is not happy about the damage made by further wrting in the Times about titanium magnetic bracelets therapy.

“Magnetic bracelets can and may help people with some conditions that need magnetic therapy help”, said a most senior figure.

You can post your own opinon on magnetic therapy at, the site for opinoins about magnetic jewellery effectiveness.

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Posted by onemore123 on October 4, 2010


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