Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

What it says on the tin: Magnetic bracelets.

Magnetism and electricity

Posted by Ab Cdef on August 31, 2017

Magnetism isn’t one thing: it’s a few. It’s actually one of three forces in nature, according to physicists. Except that it’s actually part of another force called the electromagnetic force. Except that that is also part of larger force called the electroweak force. This is discussed extensively in the Magnetic Therapy Products blog of 20th August of this year.

In the old days there were four forces: electrostatics, electrodynamics, magnetism and gravity. But electrostatics and electrodynamics were obviously just two aspects of one force so there were really only three forces. Then Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell merged magnetism with electricity and it was then called electromagnetism. So suddenly we were down to just two forces. But then experiments into atoms and their nuclei and radioactive decay led to the discovery of two further forces called the strong and weak forces. Whoops! Back to four forces again.

However, in the late twentieth century three physicists came up with a set of equations that effectively subsumed electromagnetism and the weak force. So now we’re down to three, namely gravity, the strong interaction and electroweak.

Magnetic fields are the result of the flow of electric currents or so-called magnetic moments. These latter relate to electrically charged particles spinning on their own or orbiting an atomic nucleus. A spinning electric particle can create a magnetic field in the same way that a spinning metal armature in a magnetic field can create an electric current. Electric currents and magnetism are two sides of the same coin. The important things to remember is that some substances – notably those made of iron and steel – can be permanently magnetized by applying an electromagnetic field to them.


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Using the search engine to find what you want

Posted by Ab Cdef on May 1, 2017

There are various different ways to find a product that you want on a retail site. One is just to browse until you see something that you like. Another is to type in a search term or several, if the site has a search engine and you know what you’re looking for. But the best retail websites offer a way to narrow down the search by offering check boxes and slider bars to enable potential customers to search by  type, size, target customer, price, etc. Magnetic Therapy Bracelets offers such a search facility.

To get there from the home screen you click on the link where it says “ALL PRODUCTS”:

Search screen

This brings up a screen of all the products – or rather the first page of them. But more importantly, the right column changes to a search column. This is the control panel where you do your searching. Let’s take a closer look:

As you can see this bar is quite extensive. The first group shows the theme of the product.

The second group shows the different option for strength, from two to five. You can choose one or more of these.

The third group is about the target audience, men women or both.

The fourth group covers whether it is a links bracelet, a bangle or an anklet.

Then the next group enables you to choose which metal or metals.

You can choose more than one box in any and all groups. The important thing to remember is this. If you check one or more boxes in a group, then the unchecked boxes are deemed to be EXCLUDED from your selection. However, if you leave ALL the boxes within a group unchecked, then they are all deemed to be INCLUDED in your selection.

The final item in the search bar is the price range slider. You can use your mouse or trackpad to click drag the left box to select the minimum price and the right box to select the maximum. You will then see only the items within your selected price range. They may still extend over several pages, depending on how many items there are. (The default is 40 items shown to a page.)

One of the things you will notice when you start clicking on check boxes or sliding the little boxes on the price range slider is that the selection of products in the main screen to the right of the search column changes in real-time.

Okay so let’s start making some selections. Let’s see what happens when we select Stainless Steel.


Stainless steel selected

All 13 of the site’s Stainless Steel items appear on the right.

Now uncheck the Stainless Steel box and try selecting the three types of titanium bracelets from the THEME group. Then from the SUITABLE MOSTLY FOR group, check the box next to Women. See how the selection changes?

Titanium bracelets for women

It’s that easy. Now try some of your own searches.

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Customers and magnetic bracelets

Posted by Ab Cdef on January 26, 2017

Bio 4 ElementsYou can’t always judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a business by its satisfied customers. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at some of the comments received by Magnetic Therapy Bracelets from its customers. First of all remember that MTB sells its healing bracelets both for magnetic therapy purposes and as items of jewellery in their own right – in other words for their looks. And their customer comments address both of these issues.

Thus when a customer called David wrote: “Really nice. Looks good and feels good – couldn’t be happier,” MTB felt justly proud.  Ditto when another called their purchase as “a smart piece of Jewelry.” Or the lady who bought the Booster Gold and Silver Magnetic Bangle, and said that “the bangle is top quality!”

A customer called Brenda went further, pointing out that her purchase did “not look out of place with other jewelry.” And from the context it is clear that she meant more expensive jewelry, not costume jewelry.

Which of course makes the point that MTB products are not cheap, but rather value for money – a point made by a customer called Cheryl who said explicitly that the products were: “Good value for money.”

Or as another customer said: “amazing quality for the price.” That customer went on to say that he bought it as a gift and that he liked it so much that he went on to say that he was “now going to by one for myself.” This was also the view of Glynis who had evidently had bad experiences with a competitor of MTB, which prompted her to declare that she had “bought one previously for a gift which was a lot more expensive, before I found your site.” But now that she had found us she would “visit for sure again.”

But it’s not just the quality of the magnetic bracelets and other magnetic jewellery. MTB also scores high for the speed of their execution and delivery. In the words of Les: “I ordered this bracelet yesterday and it was delivered today. Brilliant.” And Les is seconded by Patricia who praised MTB for their “Excellent next day delivery.” Others, like Carolyn waxed lyrical when her order arrived “within 48 hours of ordering.” And Denise stated with pleasure: “I ordered these bracelets on Monday and they arrived today.”No wonder then that Michelle was “really pleased with the speed of delivery.”

Quatro Shield Titanium magnetic therapy braceletOkay, but that’s just speed and quality. But are these bracelets actually effective in pain relief and actual therapy? Well according to Tina they are. “My partner really likes the bracelet,” she tells us. “It has stopped his fingers locking up when he is using a knife and fork. He used to occasionally have problems holding a pen as his fingers would locking up then as well at short time.” And a woman called Christine bought an MTB bracelet as present for her husband who suffered from tennis elbow. Her conclusion was that “the tennis elbow has cleared,” and accordingly she “would recommend.”

Another customer called Amber was so pleased that she resorted to capitals to express her delight: “ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, LOOKS GOOD AND WORKS AS FAR AS MY ACHING WRISTS ARE CONCERNED.” And another – echoing the sentiment of those who buy selflessly for others before themselves, wrote: “Recently brought two of these bracelets,” said one, “and added up giving one to my brother so have had to re order for myself, they seem to work on arthritis and ease the pain.”

Thus we can see that whether its the look, the speed of delivery of the effectiveness of the magnetic bracelets to provide effective healing solutions, the customers of Magnetic Therapy Bracelets are satisfied.

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Magnetic bracelets make great Christmas presents

Posted by Ab Cdef on December 8, 2016

Okay it may sound kind of obvious. And of course anyone who’s trying to sell anything this time of year claims that it’s a great Christmas present. But in the case of magnetic bracelets it just happens to be true. Firstly, they are not available in high street shops – or at least very few are and the range is both limited and unappealing. That means no one else is likely to by magnetic bracelets or bangles as presents. And that means, you can be sure that your gift is original.

Secondly, they are small and easy to conceal – perfect if you don’t want your present to be discovered before the auspicious day. Thirdly, they look nice. Just take a look and see.

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Why do fast days go so slowly?

Posted by Ab Cdef on October 11, 2016

BOOSTER BLACK TITANIUM MAGNETIC THERAPY BRACELET 32 MAGNETSCLASSIC BOOSTER TITANIUM MAGNETIC THERAPY BRACELET 32 MAGNETSI am writing this article on the eve of Yom Kippur, the most sacred and solemn day in the Jewish calendar.  It occurs ten days after the Jewish New Year and is a Fast day – that is fast in the sense of not eating food. The day itself seems to go by interminably slowly, if only because the fast lasts 25 hours and orthodox Jews spend most of the day praying.

The reason I mention this is not make a big deal about the trials and tribulations of being Jewish but rather to suppose the question: is there a magnetic bracelet or bangle that can help one make it through a fast more easily – or even improve ones energy levels in general.

The answer to the former is no, or at least not specifically. There is no magnetic jewellery product that can improve ones ability to go without food. So bad news for religious zealots, overweight gluttons, etc.

There are however certain magnetic jewellery products that will boost your psychological energy levels if you believe in them and make you feel more confident. Of course, this could be described as the placebo effect or a psychosomatic response. But we’ve been through all this before, and when you’re talking about bracelets that have both powerful magnets and a very nice appearance, an overly academic analysis of the science off of very limited value.

Sports magnets are very much about the here and now. The same goes for energy pendants.

And there is now evidence that magnetic therapy – or transcranial magnetic stimulation to be precise – can help teenagers suffering from depression. And if it works, that’s one thing that’s got to be good.

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What people are saying about magnetic bracelets

Posted by Ab Cdef on August 3, 2016

brs4-1-mt-510We’re always hearing expert opinions on magnetic bracelets, from sceptics to parapsychologists to interested parties to those who have an interest in stopping them (i.e. the pharmaceutical companies). But what do ordinary people have to say about magnetic bracelets? To find out, I decided to conduct a sort of review of customer reviews- and I made some interesting discoveries. For example one reviewer on Amazon, wrote:

I did research if they actually worked and what differences they all had. I finally came across this one… and thought lets just give it a try if it works it works. And to my amazement it does work! It actually takes away the pain. I never take it off. It hasn’t lost it colour or anything. It’s really good and pretty!

Okay that might sound like a puff piece. And who knows. Maybe it was a shill working for the retailer that sold it (NOT – I hasten to add – a retailer in any way associated with this blog).  But one swallow does not a summer make. So I went further afield and looked at some of the less than five-star reviews. Some of them were quite surprising. For example this 3-star review of the same copper magnetic bangle as above:

looked fantastic on,even felt I got some relief,however after 4 weeks my arm changed colour and I had to stop wearing it as the bruise coloured ring made me look rather odd!

Another customer sent in a comment explaining that the colour is supposed to come off on the skin as the copper is meant to permeate the skin. One can wash off the surface colouring from the skin, without affecting the copper permeating the skin and working with the magnets to ameliorate the underlying problem. But what about non-copper magnetic bracelets, where all the effect is dependent on the magnets? Here’s a 4-star review for a loop magnetic bracelet:

bras-3a-mtbI’ve had pain in my shoulder for a couple of years. I play squash and beach volleyball a fair bit and probably don’t have the best posture so I imagine these combined to cause the pain. This band was recommended to me by a friend who had a similar problem.

Now, I don’t know whether it is psychological or not, but since I’ve had this band (been a few months now since I bought it) the pain has been a lot less frequent and less intense when it does hurt.

Cautious approval there, combined with a modicum of healthy scepticism. One wearer of a 5-in-1 magnetic bracelet, also gave a 4-star review, in which he stated:

Lot’s of debate around whether or not these bands work or not, personally feel they do.

51gsnSjq9SL._AC_UL160_SR160,160_Pretty straightforward then. Another commented of a titanium magnetic bracelet:

Don’t know if it actually works, but has seemed to help me with arthritis in fingers.

I think it’s fair to say that a pattern is emerging here. Customers appear to be saying that they do not know if the science behind it is valid, but it appears to work for them. This is very important, because if they do not know that the science behind it is valid, then it cannot be that it is working because they believe it! In other words, the effect is not psychosomatic! The wearers are cautiously sceptical or at most open-minded and open to positive persuasion. But their experience tells them that it does indeed work.

So the evidence of customer feedback from previously unconvinced customers is that magnetic bracelets work to alleviate pain. Maybe the “experts” should take heed.


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Let’s unite behind magnetic therapy

Posted by Ab Cdef on June 24, 2016


Okay, so it’s all over bar the shouting. Britain has decided – albeit narrowly – and we are truly a nation that is split down the middle. There is even a geographic aspect to the division. And it is not really grounds for rejoicing, even if one is on the winning side. After all, a house divided against itself cannot stand.

But even if divisions themselves cannot be abolished, the divided can at least be reconciled under the banner of peaceful coexistence. There are some worlds in which  opposites attract. Hence marriage! And, of course, magnetism. Magnets attract not only iron but also other magnets. But then it’s a matter of orientation.North poles do not attract other north poles. They attract south poles. Otherwise the magnets would disintegrate!

But there is another sense in which we can negate the harmful effect of division.And that is by seeking common ground in those areas where it can be found. Human beings may differ in their political convictions. But there are certain things that nearly all of us desire.  Like prosperity, happiness and – most important – health.

But health- or rather healthcare – is proving to be a major challenge these days. The costs of providing healthcare to a growing (and maturing) population are going through the roof. Part of the problem is that modern medicine is a victim of its own success. There are medical treatments available today – at a high price that in the past were not available at any price. And this is alone puts a strain on a National Health Service that is committed to providing the best healthcare available. Add to that the fact that our population is both growing numerically and aging, and it becomes easy to see why the NHS is having such a hard time coping.

brt4-15-mt-510This, naturally, encourages people to seek out private treatment instead, to jump the queues at NHS hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries. However, not everyone can afford private treatment. By and large, these private doctors and clinicians are very expensive. It’s the economics of supply and demand…

So what’s the solution? Well, truth-be-told, is that there is no “one size fits all” solution. But there is a school of thought that holds that if you want to promote health in society you need to explore all the options and not just those of conventional medicine. And that is why we, the people, should push for more alternative medicine and therapy. This, of course, includes therapy magnets for healing.

And this, neatly segues into my theme – to which I return, yet again, with no apologies: therapy magnets. By that, I do not mean going into a therapist’s office and spending a fortune on being hooked up to electromagnetic machines. Rather, I mean wearing magnetic on one’s person to counter such chronic ailments as osteoarthritis, which has been proven to benefit from magnetic therapy.

And if one is going to wear a healing magnet on one’s person, it might as well be pleasing to the eye and aesthetically positive, whether it be copper bracelet for arthritis or one the many men’s bracelets packed with sports magnets. My reasoning is that just as magnets are attractive to other magnets and to red blood cells, aesthetic attractiveness has a powerful effect on one’s mentality, promoting the kind of positivity that counters pain and promotes an internal sense of well-being.

Remember that disease is a word that comes from dis-ease. In other words, the opposite of disease is being at ease. And healing bracelets with extra strong magnets that also look good, will certainly promote a sense of ease.

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High street woes

Posted by Ab Cdef on May 23, 2016

Unique Bio 4 Elements magnetic bracelet

Ladies braceletHigh streets are always changing. One shop closes and another opens up. Sometimes we see a shopfront with white-painted windows and a lawyer’s notice on the door saying that it has been repossessed for non-payment of rent. That happens when the shop has cash-flow problems. Sometimes the shop goes into liquidation or receivership.

And then, there are times when you see a whole load of charity shops in the high street. That means the landlords cannot find commercial tenants and are looking to produce their business rates. When shops are made available to charities, the freehold owners pay lower business rates (or possibly even no rates at all – but don’t take this as legal advice!). The trouble is, when they manage to find a tenant, they can throw the charity out at short notice.

Anyway, what am I rabbiting on about? I using this as a clumsy way to segue into this week’s blog about the fact that it’s practically impossible to find magnetic bracelets on the high street. So if you want, for example, a Unique Bio 4-elements stainless steel magnetic bracelet like the one on the right, you have to buy it online. The same is true of the Ladies Booster black titanium magnetic therapy bracelet on the right.

This is a pity. Not that there’s anything wrong with buying online. Indeed buying online is now the norm for many people. But there are some who still like those shopping trips – especially the ladies. And it’s only fair that they ought to be able to buy these beautiful products online.

Maybe one of these days, some smart, slick, smoothe-operating entrepreneur will get round to setting up a shop in the high street – no, an emporium – to sell magnetic jewellery. Until then let’s just keep dreaming.


The last one is the Men’s Black Titanium magnetic therapy bracelet with 40 magnets.

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Back on track

Posted by Ab Cdef on April 30, 2016



Right now I am listening to the song I’m Sorry, on the television. It is being used as the background in some advertisement. But the reason I mention it is because it should really be the title of today’s blog as I am truly sorry about all the time I have been away. It has been exactly a month since I last blogged to you. And that is too long. I should be putting in an appearence here at least once a fortnight. I could make excuses. But what would be the point? I have kept you waiting and that is all that matters. It is unforgivable.

Mea Culpa, mea culpa, mea maximuma culpa..

I should be a founder member of the Procrastinator’s Association – but I haven’t yet got round to applying and in any case they have a three year waiting list.

And now to business. The subject of my sermon – er blog – today is ankle bracelets.

Ankle bracelets – or anklets to give them their shorter name – date back to the time when it was an outrageous thing for women to display their ankles. Victorian England is perhaps the most famous example, but not the only one. Of course, it was no problem in saucy France, where they invented the Can-can (or is it the Cannes, Cannes?). But some cultures even today demand that women cover themselves from top to toe. There is, however, a tradition that when previously forbidden body parts are displayed in a cultural change, they are also adorned with jewellery. Yesterday it was anklets, today it’s belly-button piercing. Tomorrow it’ll be…

But I digress.

Anklets are a well-established item of ladies jewellery. But why magnetic anklets? Is there a need for them. I think there is. After all, not aches and pains are concentrated in the upper part of the body. People can have pains in their legs as well as their arms, their feet as well as their hands, their ankles as well as their wrists. And magnetic bracelets work best when they are close to the affected area.


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How do I find out about magnetic therapy bracelets

Posted by Ab Cdef on March 30, 2016

One of the questions most often asked by people who are just starting to become interested in magnetic bracelets for therapy and pain relief is “How do I find out about magnetic bracelets and their use in magnetic therapy?”

Well the best answer is by looking up the resource page of Magnetic Therapy Bracelets. On that page, you will find all sorts of useful articles and pieces of information. For example, if you are interested in buying a magnetic bracelet to try it out, they have advice on selecting the right bracelet for you. They also have some interesting information on the history of magnetic therapy. They discuss magnetic therapy and health, within the context of alternative medicine and also the specialised use of magnetic therapy for sports injuries – those nagging injuries that can put top sports men and women off their game for weeks or even months, despite medical intervention.

There is even a section on magnetic therapy for animals.

Some of these pages – it has to be admitted – are sparse in their content. But rumour hs it that they are soon to be beefed up with more detail. Wath this space… or rather that space!

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