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magnetic bracelets to alleviate winter arthritis

Posted by Ab Cdef on January 28, 2016

Magnetic bracelets and arthritis

As we move towards the end of the first month of the year 2016, the cold weather of winter lingers with us. Those of us who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis know that this is not a happy time of year. Aside from the winter gloom, the cold brings pain to the joints which is a real bummer – pardon my French. In the past, I have blogged about the debate between the sceptics of  mainstream medicine and those of us who live in the real world. But I think that on this occasion, it is all right to bypass the debate and cut to the chase. Magnetic bracelets offer effective palliative therapy. They do alleviate these arthritic pains. They work. We know they work. And those of us who suffer from arthritis – especially rheumatoid arthritis – should at least try them.

But they also work in other ways. For example, at the visual level they work on the senses and the emotions in the same way as they work on the bloodstream and circulation at the magnetic level. I have written elsewhere about the power of magnetic bracelets  to alleviate winter gloom just by their sheer brightness and visual appearance. Shiny stainless steel and sparkling Swarovski are more than a match for gold and diamonds – not to mention, a lot cheaper!

Classic Ladies Bio 4 element titanium magnetic braceletThe winter of our… discount?

Okay, bad puns aside, January is a great month for picking up bargains and discounts in sales. But even as January gives way to February, and we look forward to St Valentine’s Day, there are reductions to be had. So, let neither the winter gloom nor the pains of arthritis get you down. You can treat yourself to an affordable magnetic bracelet to brighten up your life or alleviate your arthritic pain.

And also remember to shop around for those bargains. The best price yesterday might not necessarily be the best price today.

Gifts make you feel better

And if you are generous of spirit, you can buy one as a gift for a loved one. Take for instance this Classic Ladies Bio4 Elements Titanium Magnetic Bracelet. Do you not think that would bring a smile to the face of your wife, fiancee or girlfriend? I can assure you, it would.

And as mentioned above, we are coming up to that day when lovers show each other just how much they truly love each other. And as the Good Book says: it is better to give than to receive.

What if my arthritis affects my lower joints?

I’m glad you asked. Because Magnetic Therapy Bracelets also has a range of beautiful anklets for women that are just perfect for this. They look nice and feel wonderful. Whether it be stainless steel or ultra-light titanium, regular magnets or four-in-one, these anklets offer aesthetic appeal to augment a well-formed ankle and relief from the strains and pains of cold-weather arthritis.

If you’ve never thought of it before, think of it now. And try one, ladies… try one!

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Bracelets, Bangles and Boudicca

Posted by Ab Cdef on December 17, 2015

BoudiccaI used to love the eighties band The Bangles – a “girl band” who could actually play their own instruments! They were a real example of “Girl Power” long before the Spice girls (an overhyped vocal band with no instrumental talent) took up with the slogan and made it their own.

Boudicca2But through the ages there have been many exemplars of Girl Power: Elizabeth the First, Cleopatra and, of course, Boudicca, the Iceni queen who wreaked havoc in Roman Britain after she was flogged and her daughters raped by the vicious Roman conquerors. Apparently, they took exception to her husband leaving her his kingdom in is will. It has even been suggested that they actually killed her daughters. Although neither Tacitus nor Cassius Dio mention it, scholars today have suggested that there was a superstitious belief that it was unlucky to kill a virgin. So they may have raped them first in order to make it safe to kill them without angering the Gods!

Boudicca’s response according to Tacitus (whose father-in-law was a Roman commander based in Britain) was to draw upon the collective outrage of the people – not only the Iceni her own tribe) but also some of their rivals and local enemies – to attack Romano-British cities and set fire to them. Three cities fell to the might of her army before she lost the so-called Battle of Watling Street, where superior Roman tactics and discipline prevailed.

But why do I mention this? Well firstly I have been fascinated by Boudicca for some time now. A few years ago I wrote a thriller called the Boudicca Parchments, a modern story with an ancient twist in which a Jewish-style marriage contract with one of her daughter’s names is discovered in an archaeological dig. On its cover, the book featured a picture of a golden torc (a type of rigid or semi-rigid necklace) of the kind that Boudicca was said to have worn.

This leads to what I am actually getting at. On the Magnetic Therapy Bracelets site are copper bangles that remind me of Boudicca’s torc. The Copper Ropes Magnetic that looks a lot like some of the Golden Torcs that have actually been discovered in Britain during archaeological excavations at Roman-British sites. There is another, the Two Tone Magnetic Bangle that also looks a bit like this.

They both look very nice – and if you don’t like those two, there are hundreds of others to choose from.

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Complying with the law on nickel transfer rates

Posted by Ab Cdef on November 27, 2015

brstd-3-mtbbra-16-mtb Most people are familiar with food and breathing allergies – from nuts to asthma, from hay fever to gluten. But there is another class of allergies that also affects many people: contact allergies. And the worst of these is an allergy to nickel.

The trouble is that nickel is to be found all around us. Many other metals are alloyed with small quantities of nickel to strengthen and harden them or to improve their appearance. Gold, for example, can be made less soft and more shiny by the presence of nickel. Add enough nickel to it and you get white gold, which rivals platinum in appearance if not price. Add nickel to silver and it stops it tarnishing – or at least substantially reduces the risk and slows down the process.

Nickel can also be applied to the surface of jewellery, again to make it shiny, but also to make it smoother. This process, known as levelling, is based on the fact that nickel has one of the smoothest surfaces of all metals. The only metal that can match it is palladium.  But palladium is a precious metal, and while it can be used in high-end jewellery, it is not suitable for the more modestly priced magnetic bracelets and copper bracelets that millions of people wear all over the world for their therapeutic effects.

bras-3a-mtbbras-2-mtbSo nickel can’t really be taken off the market, despite the fact that it brings out as small number of people in a rash. But what can be done – and what the government has done – is set standards by law on how much nickel can be transferred in a specific amount of time. As currently drafted, the law sets a maximum “migration limit” of 0.5µg × cm-2 per week for articles intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with human skin and a limit of 0.2µg × cm-2 per week  for all post piercing assemblies inserted into pierced ears and other pierced parts of the human body.

Suppliers of jewellery containing nickel are required by law to act with “due diligence” and to test a reasonable sample of their products to make sure that they are complying with the law. Obviously, they cannot test all their products, not only because the tests are expensive, but also because the test destroys the product.

There are a number of labs that do these tests and a number of ethical suppliers, like magnetic therapy bracelets who go to great lengths to make sure that their products comply with the law.

And their products are very pleasing to look at too – don’t you think?

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We are here

Posted by Ab Cdef on November 5, 2015

Again and will be in contact.

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Back on the horse

Posted by Ab Cdef on November 5, 2015

well, not today. But definitely riding high again.

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Ceramic Bracelet?!

Posted by Ab Cdef on November 29, 2013

Ceramic Bracelet?!

Yes, ceramic.
This bracelet has got an elegant and unique look thanks to the special material.
Do you have anything like that?

The meeting of fashion and magnetic therapy.

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Save time – get the right sized bracelet

Posted by Ab Cdef on November 21, 2013

Save time – get the right sized bracelet

You can buy bracelets in different sizes – which is good. But what size do you actually need?

Simply measure your wrist (over the wristbone) with any flexible string – strip of paper. You can mark it where it overlaps and after just lay it flat and measure with a ruler. Add 1-2 cm – depending how loose you like your bracelets – and the result is the perfect size!

What if, you still did not order a fitting one? No worries, you only wasted some of your time no more. Resize is completely FREE at Northern Polarity. Read more about the resize and exchange policy here…

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Ornamental Copper Bangle

Posted by Ab Cdef on November 3, 2013

Ornamental Copper Bangle

Wide copper bangle decorated with fine ornamental motives.

Besides the advantages of 6 magnets (3,000 gauss each) it also carryes the postiive effect of copper on human body.

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Sparkling and classy

Posted by Ab Cdef on October 31, 2013


High quality titanium bracelet
with original Swarovski Elements!

The perfect combination of magnetic therapy and fashion.
Available in various colours at Northern Polarity.

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Magnetic Therapy and its side effects

Posted by Ab Cdef on October 24, 2013

When you are about to try a new kind of a therapy, it is always important to clear the possible problems it might cause besides the good effects.
The good news is, that magnetic therapy basically have non. There are no known side effects at all. Therefore there is no limitation for how long you can wear or use magnetic therapy products. The same is true about age limit.
It is non addictive.

What can though mean some problem? Magnetic Therapy products are advised not to use for people with pacemaker on insulin pump or animals with chip. Magnetism might cause some dysfunction in those devices.

Just, to be very careful, we would recommend for pregnant woman not to use magnetic therapy. Though, there are no known cases for any negative effects it is better to be extremely careful in this case.

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